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15. doskii#Kit   (01.03.2020 12:03) E-mail
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14. JimmieMof   (29.02.2020 23:50) E-mail
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12. Stepheneding   (25.02.2020 04:37) E-mail
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11. объявленияTak   (25.02.2020 01:23) E-mail
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10. doski#Kit   (23.02.2020 02:19) E-mail
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9. AlinaaRein   (21.02.2020 08:13) E-mail

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8. doska.guru   (18.02.2020 00:17) E-mail
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7. JamesTum   (17.02.2020 12:44) E-mail
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6. smahgrenx   (17.02.2020 03:21) E-mail
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5. Stepheneding   (15.02.2020 08:47) E-mail
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4. BeelinepaR   (12.02.2020 16:30) E-mail
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3. Davidnop   (08.02.2020 07:26) E-mail
Beautiful Pop Backing Track D Major.
Each year, fire safety officials warn of the dangers of fireworks and stage demonstrations of dummies that catch fire and watermelons that explode.
Our fans said we were so great together and wondered how we re going to do this apart.
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Big Bill Broonzy recorded this track in Chicago, but using an 8 bar structure as opposed to the usual 12 and this led many folk and rock musicians feel more at home.
Much like Pearly, it sounds more like the work of Bernard Butler-era Suede than Radiohead they did evade being lumped in with the Britpop bunch, just narrowly and it s a hell of a lot of fun because of it.

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2. mog   (05.02.2020 22:50) E-mail
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1. StephenHub   (29.01.2020 10:44) E-mail
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